UII Incubator forms an entrepreneurial ecosystem and connected inventors, business expertise to support startups so that they can adjust their business model to be highly competent in the current market. We aim to address the needs of the community, bring benefit to students, nurture and develop breakthrough ideas for a sustainable society, UII Incubation Program makes opportunities for every startup to follow their plan.


The Innovative Startup Incubation Program aims to give every project the opportunity to develop their plan. The goal of the Innovation Incubator is “Setting up a sustainable launch pad for companies to succeed in the future”.

The Innovative Startup Incubation Program at the UEH Institute of Innovation is a non-profit program that UEH conducts for the social responsibility towards the community. The program mobilizes and connects resources of Ministries, agencies, businesses and other social resources for implementation. Project incubation activities take place throughout the year with 02 selection rounds and expansion programs for the HCMC startup community, especially students, startup club members at universities. The program is spilt over by the incubator projects themselves, the members who have participated in activities / programs / events at the incubator, sparking your entrepreneurial spirit and your creativity.


Project Selection

The Innovative Startup Incubation Program at UII aims to create opportunities and bring benefits to the UEH community in particular, as well as to spread the entrepreneurial spirit to the entire society in general.

UII Incubator provides an opportunity for all startups to pursue the implementation of their plans. Participating in the program, we empower and motivate young entrepreneurs by connecting them with a comprehensive network of mentors and experts, 1-on-1 training, and comprehensive support. about start-up incubation services.

After passing the Selection Round, the projects / ideas will participate in a 12-month incubation program at UII. Your project will go through 5 phases and at each stage, you will be provided with knowledge, skills and practice to build your startup. In each stage of project development, the incubation program will monitor the KPI implementation progress of the project to promptly remove difficulties.