👉 Apply here: https://www.earth.vc/founder-batch-1-5

Earth Venture Studio, backed by Earth Venture Capital, is a venture studio working with ecopreneurs to co-found startups that solve climate challenges through digital solutions. We are looking for Founder Batch 1.5 – Impact innovators to work towards the global climate change goal – of keeping the global rising temperature below 1.5℃ and rapidly cutting emissions to net-zero by 2050 through ambitious venture ideas with a realistic approach. Throughout 12 intensive months, we bring you closer to your goals with massive support:

✅ A strong network of experts, mentors, advisors

✅ 1:1 coaching and follow-ups

✅ Physical facilities and back-office support including finance, accounting, legal, etc.

✅ A pre-seed funding of up to 55,000 USD

Apply now if you:

▪️ Be passionate about sustainability and building high-growth digital businesses

▪️ Have previous startup experience, preferably founder-level experience or holding leadership positions in startups, development projects, or big corporations

▪️ Have a unique hobby/obsession or a technical or domain expertise

▪️ Be resilient, self-motivated with the ability to work independently

▪️ Enjoy dealing with uncertainty, going from zero to one with great problem-solving skills

▪️Be able to relocate to Ho Chi Minh city (Vietnam) during 12 months program

Kindly note the registration deadline to be well-prepared: 

▪️Early Decision: 03 July, 22

▪️Regular Deadline: 17 July, 22
Please kindly visit website for more detailed information: https://bit.ly/Founderbatch15_Partners or drop Earth message at rebuild@earth.vc