Certified Innovation Management (CIM) Training Course 2020 – UEH together with corporation to enhance innovation management capability in organization

On August 7th, 2020, The Certified Innovation Management (CIM) Training Course 2020 for corporations in Vietnam has started. The course is under the cooperation between University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) and Leipzig University, (Germany), the International SEPT Program of Leipzig University (SEPT) and UEH Institute of Innovation (UII), the Intelligence 4 innovation (iN4iN) network.

Image 1: Introduction of lecturers from Leipzig University – Germany

This training program is designed for training UEH experts and Saigon Co.op managers with the purpose of not only conferring theoretical knowledge as well as practical innovation techniques but also giving the participants opportunity to enrich the training with real case studies so as to apply the acquired knowledge for the development of Innovation Project & Innovation System Plans in organizations.

Image 2: Managers from Saigon Co.op

The CIM training course consists of 2 modules and lasts for 5 weeks. Each module has 4 – 5 sessions and foreseen as 4 online training hours blended with offline activities. Trainers of the course are lecturers from Leipzig University and the language used during the course is totally by English. After each module, there is a 1on1 coaching session with the goal of guiding participants through the development of their own Innovation Project and System Plans in order to implement winning strategies to successfully promote their organization.

Image 3: Pro. Dr. Utz Dornberger – Director of  the International SEPT Program of Leipzig University gave his opening remarks

On the first week of the training (August 7th-8th, 2020) with the guide of MA.Gunnar Kassberg – Coordinator at the International SEPT Program, participants were introduced to different concepts and tools of innovation management such as The Persona Concept, Customer & Profile & Journey và Empathy Map.

Image 4: Group discussion at the course

Image 5:  Visualize ideas through  drawing pictures

Image 6: Group discussion 

Image 7: UEH experts, Saigon Coop managers and Mr. Gunnar Kassberg

Image 8: Using Lego to simulate the innovation concept

Image 9: Creative atmosphere of the course

Image 10: Group discussion on innovation concept

The second week (August 14th-15th,2020) continues with Module 1: Market-oriented Product and Service Development under the guide of MA. Philip Friebel – Coach at the International SEPT Program. Based on the knowledge that Mr. Philip has transmitted, he organised interactive activities focusing on familiarizing innovative tools such as Innovation Tactics, PACE Matrix, Business Model Canvas.

Image 11: Apply 10 types of innovation to business model canvas 

Image 12: Studio Lab – Where the training course is taken place

The program will continue on every Friday and Saturday at UEH Institute of Innovation. The course is scheduled to end in September 2020. Below are some photos from the first 2 weeks of the course.

Image 13: Participants in Module 1.3 of the course

Image 14: Presentation of Business model canvas

Image 15: Group work to complete The PACE Matrix

Image 16: Group discussion in module 1.3

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